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Cancer in people with intellectual disabilities: Challenges in communication and issues concerning pain

This webinar is the second in a series of three hosted by Frambu Centre for Rare Disorders and the Norwegian National Advisory Unit Aging and Health. The first webinar takes place on April 27th (in English). The third webinar takes place on May 4th (in Norwegian).

People with intellectual disabilities can also develop cancer. Detecting and treating cancer, and supporting people with intellectual disabilities who have cancer, can be highly challenging. This is an area that has received too little attention. Some research evidence is emerging about the cancer profile of this population, which differs from the general population, and the specific treatment and support needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

The lecturers will share their research and experiences and there will be time for questions and discussions. To-day’s sessions include communication, cancer pain and palliative care. It will be useful for oncologists, nurses, biologists, researchers, epidemiologists, professional caregivers, psychiatrists, psychologists, anthropologists, family caregivers and students.

Bilde av voksne med utviklingshemning

Program April 28. 2021

Heidi E. Nag and Stine Skorpen

Coping with cancer and how to break bad news
Irene Tuffrey-Wijne

Palliative care and ways to discuss death and dying
Diane Willis

Short break

Cancer pain in people with intellectual disabilities
Nanda de Knegt

Cancer pain in people with intellectual disabilities – handouts

Summing up this webinar
Information on the third International Symposium on Cancer and Intellectual Disabilities in Edinburgh, Scotland, 2022/23 – The third symposium 2022
Heidi E. Nag and Stine Skorpen

Chairs and lecturers
Heidi E. Nag Heidi E. Nag
Chair of the webinar, Frambu Resource Centre for Rare Disorders, Norway. Special educational advisor at Frambu since 2005. PhD student on Smith-Magenis syndrome and challenging behaviour
Stine Skorpen Stine Skorpen
Co-chair. Nurse Consultant, Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health
Irene Tuffrey-Wijne Irene Tuffrey-Wijne
Professor of Intellectual Disability and Palliative Care. Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston and St George’s, University of London, England
Diane Willis Diane Willis
PhD, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland
Nanda de Knegt Nanda de Knegt
Visiting postdoctoral at VU University, Department of Clinical Neuropsychology, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Psychologist and research coordinator in Prinsenstichting, care center for people with intellectual disabilities, Purmerend, the Netherlands


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